WixTrac real-time video monitoring solutions for cargo safety


Analyze driver behaviors and optimize driving route to achieve cost reduction and ensure driver & cargo safety

Future-proof GPS asset tracking

WIXTrac's Vehicle Monitoring System includes remote access and monitoring tools using GPS and 4G. 

WIXTrac's MDVR video surveillance system, Video Telematics, transmits to the control center and analyzes data in real-time. Control centers, after indicating the driver's information, instructions, delivery road conditions and real time weather information to ensure safety and efficiency, can reduce the cost of their logistic operations.

  • Overspeed monitoring

  • Monitoring & command of emergency

  • Statistics & analysis of violation data

  • Event tracking

WixTrac Solutions_Future proof asset tracking

More features

View live camera views of the vehicle, view historical records anywhere and query real-time pictures
  • Live stream

  • Video playback 

  • Video downloading 

  • Picture snapshots

Full HD 1080_WixTrac Real Time Video Monitoring
Built in extension_WixTrac Real Time Video
G sensor alarm Harsh Braking Harsh Acceleration
Sleeping Mode and IO Trigger_WixTrac
Wide 130 degrees Wide Angle_WixTrac
WixTrac High Performance Built-in GPS Antenna