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WIX Trac helps assess a driver’s performance. The solution evaluates driving skills based on penalty points for such violations as speeding, unnecessary acceleration, heavy braking, acceleration while cornering, etc.
Sensors installed in a vehicle detect violations. Driving behavior analysis helps discipline and educate drivers. Professional and careful driving, in turn, contributes to reducing fuel costs, extends the vehicle service life, and improves fleet safety for passengers and cargos.

Solution for driving behavior monitoring

WIX Trac

WIX Trac works as an addition to the Wialon fuel monitoring system. Minimization of harsh maneuvers while driving, together with optimal vehicle movement speed, allows reducing fuel costs and consumption.

Fuel consumption reduction

The driver behavior monitoring system helps ensure transportation safety for goods and passengers, as well as for other road users. Thus, WIX Trac improves overall road security.

Fleet safety

The use of WIX Trac allows transport companies to keep their fleets in proper condition and reduce the need for repair.

Savings on maintenance

The driver behavior monitoring system arms a company with structured information on the work of its employees. It allows managers to quickly detect and educate ineffective drivers, identify the best ones, and reward them.

Staff efficiency

1. Parameters for the assessment of driving behavior

The option to select parameters for driving behavior analysis: acceleration, braking, speeding, reckless driving, acceleration while cornering. WIX Trac can track other violations depending on created sensors.

2. Trips analysis

A detailed report on trips with a map and a violations table, the driver’s rating displayed with regard to the trip duration in the form of a column.

3. Reports

Several types of reports for a comprehensive driving behavior analysis: by driver, group of drivers or units for any period. Export to PDF and XLSX files.


Our System collects data from sensors installed in vehicles and sends it to the WIX Trac app.


The user selects the driving quality assessment parameters from the system.


A user also assigns the number of penalty points for each parameter, thus forming the driving quality assessment system.


The app shows a driver’s rating, the number of violations, builds the track on the map, and shows where these violations were detected.


In the driver tracking software, a user generates reports based on the collected information.


A user takes advantage of the data from the reports to improve the staff’s driving skills, facilitating transport security for passengers and goods.


How WIX Trac app works

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