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Real time GPS tracking
GPS vehicle Tracking

Have You Thought What Is Happening To Your Vehicles, Properties and Assets Right Now?

Real Time


Latest Technology | Reliable | Secure | 24/7 Support

Enable fast, automatic route planning and promote safer driving behaviors with automatic notifications and detailed analysis.

Track Vehicles

Live Streaming of Dash Cams.

Video Monitoring

Track more than just GPS locations with WIXTrac. Make data-driven decisions and empower customers with smart GPS tracking.

Track Assets


Streamline your operations with WIX Trac GPS-Tracking Systems

Streamline your operations with WIX Trac GPS-Tracking Systems

Enable fastest, temperature-controlled deliveries. Provide automatic trips logging to calculate payroll, return tax and prevent unauthorized use of fleet

Food & Beverage

Keep fleet owners updated on vehicles health to have them serviced before it leads to a breakdown. Fine-tune drivers behavior to avoid accidents and goods damage.

Logistics & Transportation

Enable insurance companies to benefit from low-accident driving. Adopt advanced driver assistance system to eliminate human error and hence, collisions and expensive repairs.


Guarantee vehicle utilization and work progress monitoring with real-time metrics and reports. Detect frauds, prevent fuel drains, equipment misuse and moonlighting.

Services Industry

Why Choose Wix Trac

GPS technology
Cutting edge technologies
Increase productivity with GPS technology
Enhance productivity
Reducing cost with GPS technology
Reduce fleet costs
React to alerts immediately
Big data, big analysis
Connects to any GPS hardware
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