WixTrac Asset Tracking using GPS and IOT technologies


Track more than just GPS locations with WIXTrac. Make data-driven decisions and empower customers with smart GPS tracking.

Future-proof GPS asset tracking

Deliver efficiency and uncompromised security of assets even if taken to most remote locations. Streamline manual operations. Make data-driven decisions.
  • Forward to the past

  • Track and manage multiple objects

  • Accurate real-time positioning

  • 360° street view and traffic

WixTrac Solutions_Future proof asset tracking_WI

Real-time Telemetry Data

Seconds matter when it comes to high-value assets. Empower clients with profound realtime visibility:
WixTrac Solutions_Real time telemetry data

Geofencing and POI

Protect cargo and equipment from unauthorized use or theft by sheltering them with a virtual fencing.  Deliver automatic notifications when the asset leaves the perimeter. Help clients respond faster and recover misused assets.
Wixtrac Solutions_Geofencing and POI

Alerts on everything important

Instantly learn about key events, react to changes on time with instant
automatic alarms. Customize notifications.
  • Fall detection

  • Door closing/opening

  • SOS button/pressing

  • Temperature regime change

  • Route deviations

  • Geofence entrance/exit

  • Case intrusion

  • Tow detection

WixTrac Solutions_Alerts on everything important

GPS hardware activation gone automatic

We automated M2M commands to provide plug-and-play simplicity of the initial configuration. Intuitively fill in the parameters and start GPS asset tracking in minutes.
WixTract Solutions_GPS hardware activation

Remote GPS hardware management

WIXTrac provides graphic interface with easy controls so that users could adjust parameters in a very convenient way. The smarter GPS tracker is, the wider set of options is available.

All saved settings are automatically converted to M2M commands and sent immediately even if the device is currently offline.

WixTrac Solutions_Remote GPS hardware management