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At WIXTrac, our mission is to revolutionize business operations with cutting-edge GPS tracking solutions. Our WIXTrac GPS Tracking System offers real-time updates and streamlined fleet management, while our technology extends to asset and personal tracking for comprehensive efficiency.

GPS Innovation Revolution

Journeying Through Time: The Legacy of WIXTrac

2014: A Spark Ignites

In the vibrant landscape of 2014, where technology was swiftly reshaping the world around us, WIXTrac was born. Our founder, driven by an unwavering passion for technology and a clear vision, embarked on a mission. He was not just tech enthusiast; He was visionary with a genuine purpose.

Rooted in Purpose

Recognizing the challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses in asset management, our founder aimed to bridge the gap. He believed that with the right blend of technology and dedication, these businesses could be empowered to thrive, optimizing their operations and ensuring the utmost efficiency.

Customer-Centric from Day One

Since our inception, the heart of our ethos has been you - our esteemed clients. Our solutions have always been designed with the businesses we serve in mind. By listening to your needs and understanding your challenges, we've continuously refined our offerings.

Today and Beyond

Years have passed, but our core values remain unchanged. Passionate about technology and driven by our foundational purpose, we at WIXTrac are committed to providing the most reliable, secure, and customer-centric asset-tracking solutions. Our journey has only just begun, and together with our clients, the future looks brighter than ever.

Join us, as we continue to innovate and redefine the realm of asset tracking for businesses worldwide.


Meet WIXTrac MATE, our Mobile Asset Tracking Expert who makes missions impossible, possible. Our MATE makes life easy by providing a complete solution to track your vehicles and assets anytime and from anywhere.

WIXTrac MATE has been with us for more than 10 years and has worked with more than 2800 types of GPS hardware.

MATE devised a Complete Fleet Tracking and Management Solution for many industries. Check out all industry solutions.

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