Our Passion For Technology Means Worry-Free Management For You.

Our passion for technology is expressed right across our range of GPS tracking systems, which help automate business processes and management, streamline day-to-day activities, and increase productivity.

The WIXTrac GPS Tracking Systemis a tiny yet powerful system for vital up-to-the minute updates on your vehicle’s status, providing accurate, real-time tracking that keeps you right on top of events with no need for reporting teams.

This all-in-one solution lets you monitor and handle an entire fleet from a single point on a browser so that decision-making throughout the process chain - vehicle dispatch, delivery and loading or unloading – is faster and simplified for more effective fleet management.

Its state-of-the-art technology is also applied in the WIXTrac GPS Asset Tracking System that helps create carefree property management; and the WIXTrac Personal GPS Tracking Device for effective personal fitness and health monitoring.