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WixTrac saves time, money and lives of Tradies.

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Skilled tradespeople are a vital part of Australia's economy.

For tradespeople, it is essential to have accurate and up-to-date financial records. This allows them to manage their finances effectively. This is key for small businesses because every penny counts. Minor errors in accountkeeping can accumulate over time to significant financial losses. Accurate accounts mean you can correctly submit your income and expenses during tax season. Inaccuracy could mean overpaying on taxes or getting hit with penalties for underreporting. Accurate financial reports show a business's health, which is essential for planning a business' future and vital if the business ever needs to request a bank loan.

Here's how WixTrac can help tradies, especially electricians and plumbers.

Need for Tracking

Tradespeople include small or medium businesses with two or more people working under a brand. They manage the telemarketing and advertising themselves, which they use to get jobs. These are then allocated to the people working under them. Many are provided vehicles for work they take home at the end of the day. They do not usually report back to the office with the vehicles.

What this means is, for such business owners, it is essential to track movements and vehicle use accurately. What some do is use tracking data to calculate salary payments. Business owners need to monitor how the vehicles are being utilised. This includes knowing whether the workers use the vehicles on weekends, when they start from home and finish their day, etc.

Challenges for tradespeople

  1. Some business owners have shared that they sometimes do not know the location of their vehicles and drivers. Without accurate data, they cannot confirm if their workers are at the location where the work is to be carried out, and they are also unable to calculate their working hours for an accurate payment for the jobs.

  2. Drivers' fatigue is also a weak point for business owners. Business owners can know if their workers are burning out on the road with proper tracking data. They can then redistribute and delegate projects more evenly and keep drivers safe.

  3. You would be surprised at how easily even something as big as a vehicle can 'go missing'. Business owners are frustrated when their fleet assets are moved around randomly or even sublet, which is against what is stated in their contracts. With proper tracking systems, business owners can have peace of mind knowing where their fleet is and who is using it at any given moment.

  4. Machine breakdowns are inevitable, but their pain can be much lessened if business owners know which vehicle is in trouble and where it is located.

WIXTrac is on a mission to save businesses

WIXTrac helps businesses with tracking so they can be given the technological support and peace of mind to run their businesses smoothly. From efficient fleet management to accurate tracking of vehicles, WIXTrac has a solution that can complement your business and give it the boost it needs.

Effective fleet management

With automated notifications and detailed analyses, WIXTrac offers a fast, automatic route planning system that helps promote safer driving behaviours. This includes:

  • Monitor fuel consumption with clear calibration tables, detailed graphical reports and instant notifications.

  • Monitor drivers and their driving behaviour on the road. You can set parameters for violations and also get instant notifications. You can see any tendencies by analysing results for any period and make the necessary changes before they become recurring and challenging to eliminate.

  • Our system lets you separate the journeys into those for business or personal use. It allows you to quickly and accurately claim reimbursements on business mileage and detect private errands during shifts. Better accuracy leads to savings on tax returns and helps implement discipline through the business.

  • A tracking system helps business owners keep vehicles in the best condition possible. You can create a detailed service job checklist for timely notifications and reminders. It allows you to prevent vehicle breakdowns and loss of time (and money).

  • Our Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) keeps drivers safe. It can help anticipate and detect upcoming dangers, provide adequate warnings and avoid accidents and emergencies. ADAS uses its suite of sensors and cameras onboard to scan the driving landscape and analyse key vehicle parameters to provide warnings in case of danger.

  • Sometimes, one vehicle is shared among different users. Hence, the Driver ID feature allows business owners to monitor who is driving what and when and ensure drivers stick to their schedule and see if they are getting adequate rest time between assignments.

  • Set fast, automatic route planning. The GPS platform checks out road restrictions and adapts to current traffic. This saves time and ensures the driver can arrive safely and on time.

Savings all around

With WIXTrac's systems, business owners can find reliable support to save money, save time, save lives, maximise utilisation and drive efficiency.

Benefits of WIXTrac's systems
  1. Connect any GPS hardware - with Plug and Play M2M commands, you can use any GPS and IoT hardware you choose. It is easy to set up and activate the hardware in a few seconds, and you can migrate across any number of devices, geofences and POI on WIXTrac.

  2. Track anything anywhere - Get accurate real-time positioning 360° street view and updated traffic conditions. Track your vehicles with satellite accuracy and monitor your mixed fleet anytime from your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. See precisely where your vehicles are and what they are doing.

  3. Protect unauthorised use and theft - Shelter your fleet with virtual fencing. Receive automatic notifications when your fleet leaves the perimeter. Respond faster and recover misused vehicles. If you have expensive equipment, you can know when, where and for how long these have been used.

  4. Guarantee appointment times - Improve your customer service with prompt service. Calculate the exact timing and pricing of services based on accurate, comprehensive data of journeys.

  5. Transparent data in one place - Convert real-time data into clear statistics to boost productivity and get financial insights in one digital place. Use simple and powerful REST API to import and export data for advanced analysis and integrations.

  6. Ensure safety and save lives - Automatic routing allows drivers to avoid dangerous areas and change routes based on updated road conditions. Find alternative routes to enable a safe and fast journey. Get notifications on violations, e.g. learn if drivers exceed the speed limit, use harsh acceleration, braking or cornering. Spot needless idling, save on engine lifetime fuel, and reduce carbon emissions. An important feature is buzzing the driver's seat when it senses the driver is going into micro-sleep.

All you need in one place with WIXTrac

With WIXTrac systems, business owners get an efficient, simple, all-in-one solution for a small monthly fee of $8 (no-contract), which includes our fleet management services such as real-time video monitoring, with location updates frequently every 20 seconds, attendance software indicating start and end times. Business owners can experience a different way of running their business.

Contact WIXTrac about our fleet tracking solutions.

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