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Transportation companies have anything from one truck to more than 30, ranging from medium to large ones. Those who own a fleet of trailers can go from one trailer to more than 100. That is a lot of huge vehicles to track, control and look after. 

If you are a business owner of a transportation company, go through these questions and see how many you resonate with and are seeking a solution for:

  1. Do you know exactly where each of your vehicles are in real time? (This is important if you suspect your vehicle has been stolen because they have gone out of set limits. This will also affect your applications for insurance.)
  2. Do you have enough accurate information about vehicle usage in order to maximise the use of each one?
  3. Do you have enough information to decide if you need to invest in more of a certain type of vehicle than another?
  4. Do you have clear evidence of a vehicle that has been misused e.g. subletting without permission?
  5. Do you have a way to register when each of your vehicles needs an overhaul or check up? (Remember, proper maintenance ensures a long career span for your vehicles and keeps drivers and goods safe.) 
  6. Do you have clear statistics to know how many services you can realistically provide that can guarantee consistent high quality and customer satisfaction?

If you are feeling quite thin after reading this, your business may well benefit from having a proper management system for your fleet. 

Do you know where your trucks and drivers are? Wixtrac fleet management system.

Where is my fleet?

One of the biggest difficulties faced by companies in the transportation industry is not knowing where each of their fleet is or what is happening with their vehicles. 

Very often, business owners do not know the exact location of their vehicles or drivers. Without information, there is no way of knowing if the drivers are on route, can arrive on time, have met with an unexpected situation, or if they are too fatigued to drive safely. 

As trailers are often rented out, businesses have no idea where the trailers are. This lack of control and information can mean potential losses, problems and insecurity for the business owner. Trailers have an additional challenge of not having power, which makes them difficult to track, unless companies can use battery devices or solar power. With battery devices, there is still the insecurity of them going offline, so solar tracking is a better solution. Once that is installed, the vehicles can always be monitored. 

For both trucks and trailers, business owners have also experienced the frustrating situation of having their fleet assets being moved around or even sublet without their permission. Machine breakdowns are another common occurrence. Without a way to accurately track them or understand the vehicle´s regular movements and uses, it is difficult to take better care of the fleet. Every mechanical breakdown is a loss of money, time and opportunity for business owners. 

WIXTrac can help with fleet management 

What if there is a system that can be easily installed and used for business owners to have clear, detailed, up-to-date insights on every single vehicle under their care?

Technological advances have made fleet management not only possible, but also efficient and effective. Business owners of transportation companies no longer need to lose sleep over tracking their vehicles. WIXTrac's fleet management system utilises intelligent technology to help transportation companies save money, time and even take care of both driver, vehicle and goods.

clear, detailed, up-to-date insights on every single vehicle | Wixtrac GPS fleet management system

Solutions for fleet management

WIXTrac fleet management solutions help you to go beyond mere GPS location, to help you streamline manual operations, make data-driven decisions and empower you with smart tracking. There is no location too remote to be tracked. 

  1. Real-time telemetry data - Every second counts when you have high-value assets on the roads. Real-time visibility gives you peace of mind knowing where your vehicles are. With accurate real-time positioning and 360° street view and traffic, you can track your fleet with satellite accuracy on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. 
  2. Protect and track your assets - By using geofencing and POI, you can apply a virtual fencing to protect your vehicles and goods from unauthorised use or theft. The minute your asset leaves the perimeter, you receive automatic notifications. Real-time allows you to respond faster and recover misused assets. 
  3. Important alerts - Customise your notifications and set automatic alarms to ensure you learn instantly about important situations and can react to changes on time to ensure a smooth service for your clients. 
  4. Automatic GPS hardware activation and remote management - M2M commands are automated to provide plug-and-play simplicity of the initial configuration. Our graphic interface has easy controls so you can easily adjust the parameters you need. 
  5. Protect goods from theft - Transportation companies have an additional concern to be watchful for. Some may need to transport cold or fresh goods, while others have expensive items to deliver so it is paramount companies are able to track those assets. Container doors can be kept locked through real-time widgets, alerts and container seals. Trailers can be protected from being uncoupled and WIXTrac uses solar devices to track trailers. Business owners can respond immediately in the event of any discrepancies and minimise damage. 
  6. Confidently guarantee delivery times - Gain your customers´ trust by delivering excellent customer experience with prompt and timely deliveries. You can also calculate exact timing and pricing of services based on comprehensive trip data. 
  7. Safeguard conditions of goods - Our technology can help business owners estimate the mechanical impact of harsh driving and unloading. You can also stay aware of falls and crashes. In case of detours, you will receive alarms so you can respond appropriately. You can protect your goods and claim fair damage compensations. 
  8. Control conditions of vehicles - Transportation companies that deliver cold or fresh goods can ensure they are well-maintained and kept safe by controlling the temperature and humidity inside the trailer. You can also monitor ambient temperature and calculate possible hazards. There is even the option to disable doors opening to ensure optimum freshness of perishable goods. 
  9. Monitor fuel usage - Accurate data means you can monitor fuel consumption and monitor your company's carbon footprint. 
  10. Safety first - WIXTrac's solution not only protects the goods delivered, as well as the fleet but also the drivers making the deliveries. You receive real-time information about traffic conditions or unexpected happenings on the road that could be a source of danger. Find alternative routes in case of traffic or danger and ensure your drivers have a safe and fast journey without stressing out trying to find another route. 

Learn more here: https://www.wixtrac.com/asset-tracking

All you need in one place with WIXTrac

With WIXTrac systems, business owners get an efficient, simple, all-in-one solution for a small monthly fee from $8 (no contract) which includes our fleet management services such as real time video monitoring, with location updates frequently every 20 secs, attendance software indicating start and end times. Basically, you get all the important insights you need in one place, in a snap. Convert real-time data into clear statistics to help you see how your business is progressing and decide where changes can be implemented. Our simple and powerful REST API allows you to import and export data for advanced analysis and integrations. 

Experience a different way of running your business where you can have full control over efficiency, boost safety and have peace of mind about your fleet, goods and drivers. 

Contact WIXTrac about our fleet tracking solutions: https://www.wixtrac.com/contact 

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