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Complete Fleet Tracking and Management Solution for most Industries

WIXTrac is on a mission to save businesses money, time and lives.

Meet WIXTrac MATE, our Mobile Asset Tracking Expert who makes missions impossible, possible. Our MATE makes life easy by providing a complete solution to track your vehicles and assets anytime and from anywhere.

WIXTrac MATE has been with us for more than 10 years and has worked with more than 2800 types of GPS hardware.

MATE devised a complete Fleet Tracking and Management Solution which includes the following:
Software key features
  1. Fleet Management feature enabling fast, automatic route planning, eliminates fuel waste and promotes safer driving behaviours with automatic notifications and detailed analysis.
  2. GPS Asset Tracking to track and manage multiple objects with Real-time Telemetry Data, Geofencing and POI and remote hardware management preventing theft and costly equipment losses.
  3. Fleetrun for Fleet Maintenance to prevent breakdowns and minimise repairs, track progress and costs of repairs, and considers idling time that hampers profits.

WIXTrac Fleet and Assets Tracking features can be managed via an IoS or Android Phone App | WIXtrac | Fleet Management | GPS Tracking System

WIXTrac Fleet and Assets Tracking features can be managed via an IoS or Android Phone App - BOOK A DEMO

Hardware available
  1. New AD Plus 2 all-in-one dash camera.
  2. WX100 Telematics Dual-Lens LTE Cat 4 Dash Camera.
  3. Solar Powered Asset Tracker that is great for tracking trailers, containers and goods.
  4. Advanced 4G GPS asset trackers suitable for applications like international logistics, refrigerated transport, agriculture, construction and mining, security and emergency services and even more. Some trackers are also great to prevent drivers' micro sleep thus saving lives. Hidden trackers are also available

Use Ultra Clear, Ultra Wide, Plug & Play Installation Dash Cam from WIXtrac | WIXtrac | Fleet Management | GPS Tracking System

Ultra Clear, Ultra Wide, Plug & Play Installation Dash Cam - BOOK A DEMO

WIXTrac GPS Tracking Solutions are useful for these Industries
  1. Logistics and Transportation so you know where your assets are, prevent theft and guarantee delivery time.
  2. Oil, Gas and Mining industries can now pinpoint precise locations of equipment, with Fleetrun software managing equipment maintenance based on scheduled engine hours.
  3. Construction and Heavy Equipment can track, monitor and manage equipment utilisation with telematics and schedule maintenance based on utilisation or time spans.
  4. Hi-tech Agriculture industries benefit from IoT and telematics solutions to control livestock locations, recover lost equipment, operate and manage self driving tractors.
  5. Retail & Distribution can track fleet, cargo and mobile workers.
  6. Healthcare can track nearest ambulance, EMS and assets to provide necessary assistance where needed.
  7. Utilities industries can monitor movable and stationary assets and their utilisation with the ability to set maintenance reminders to avoid breakdowns and downtimes.
  8. Banking and Finance industries can track armoured trucks along the route to increase security and safety of valuable assets and guarantee fast emergency response. As part of the solution, the free Fleetrun Software will manage maintenance and repair of vehicles plus keeping precise expenses of parts.
All you need in one place with WIXTrac

With WIXTrac systems, business owners get an efficient, simple, all-in-one solution for a small monthly fee from $8 (no contract) which includes our fleet management software such as real time video monitoring, with location updates frequently every 20 secs, attendance software indicating start and end times. Basically, you get all the important insights you need in one place, in a snap. Convert real-time data into clear statistics to help you see how your business is progressing and decide where changes can be implemented. Our simple and powerful REST API allows you to import and export data for advanced analysis and integrations. 

Experience a different way of running your business where you can have full control over efficiency, boost safety and have peace of mind about your fleet, goods and drivers.

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