Wixtrac tracking solutions for passenger transport vehicles


Make passenger-carrying vehicles (PCV) more productive, cost-effective and safe. Comply with environmental regulations.



Find the nearest facility in seconds

Detect the nearest available machine. Use tags to specify capacity and find the best fit. Use fuel sensors for remote tank monitoring to make sure it has enough fuel.


Enjoy automatic and precise data logging

All locations, trips and other important metrics (motor hours, trip durations, etc.) are logged automatically. Check data for any time periods and generate reports in one click.


Add your own layouts

Upload proprietary layouts to have a better visibility of the construction site. The layers and other data will be kept in total
confidence. Use any sources you can benefit from.


React to alerts with no time wasted

Use one telematics platform to have a comprehensive view of all machine sensors. Enable smoke and fall alerts to instantly respond to any emergencies.


Integrate cutting-edge technologies

Enjoy drone’s-eye view and drone surveys. Effortlessly integrate the latest technologies on the telematics platform and monitor expensive assets in real time.


Enable an SOS-button

An SOS-button will be a game changer for assets operating in remote areas. Take care of your equipment and teams. Increase their safety and security.