WixTrac tracking solutions for logistics and transportation companies



Enable companies to provide uncompromised goods safety and great customer service with the help of IoT and Telematics



Safeguard goods condition

Estimate the mechanical impact of harsh driving and unloading. Stay aware of falls and crashes. Receive alarms in case of detours. Protect property and claim fair damage compensations.


Improved and Increased utilization of equipment

Know when, where and for how long exactly expensive equipment(cranes, forklifts, etc.) has been used. Increase efficiency ofin-house machines and rented facilities.


Avoid dangerous areas, change routes on the go

Benefit from automatic routing that considers limitations and traffic constraints. Efficiently find alternative routes in case of danger. Enable safe and fast freight transportation.


Keep products fresh and safe

Control temperature and humidity inside the trailer. Monitor ambient temperature and calculate possible hazards. Disable doors opening to maintain perfect freshness of perishable goods.


Big transparent data

Introduce paper-free approach and keep all trip data in one digital place. Use simple and powerful REST API to import and export data for advanced analysis and integrations.


Connect any GPS hardware

Use any GPS and IoT hardware you are most comfortable with. Migrate any number of devices, geofences and POI on WIXTrac. Activate and setup hardware in seconds.