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WIXTrac GPS Tracking: A Complete Reporter for Your Vehicles 

Transport business is no more remaining clueless about the vehicles’ position. No more unfortunate scenarios when you do have no choice but to accept what the driver explains. Under the aegis of our supreme GPS tracking system, you can have information about every single movement that your vehicle makes.  

We let you take a dig at your multiple devices from a single position through the browser. WIXTrac’s prominent GPS tracking system has been in the news being the best option for vehicle tracking in Australia. These technicalities notify you through SMS, emails, etc. during the urgencies like thefts, accidents, etc. It pushes the notification buzzer through SMS, email, etc. as well when the driver rolls the wheels at an extraneous speed. The driver’s claim is no more the final verdict, our high-end fleet tracking system in Australia can prepare a thoroughly personalised report as you wish.     

Talking about our vehicle tracking system, those like WIXTrac WS3, WIXTrac WL7, all have been simply phenomenal. WIXTrac WS3 is absolutely terrific about position tracking, data transfer, etc. being perfectly tailored with GPRS/HSP/CDMA. WIXTrac WL7 is the best fleet tracker in the industry at a minimal possible price.

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Vehicle Tracking System