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Personal Tracking System

Treat Your Dears Trusting WIXTrac Personal GPS Trackers 

Stop meandering over the mathematical calculations to find out the sources of loss. The better idea is to have the report of your vehicle at each step, which can be accomplished in a fascinating way through the commendable personal GPS tracking device

WIXTrac designs the one man army devices for vehicle tracking in Australia. We let you control all your vehicles being at a constant position through browsers, and make the notifications available through SMS, emails, etc.

Powered by our GPS tracking for Kids, you would no more need to be restricting them to take the vehicles. Our trackers make you available with each detail about their position, the activities they are getting indulged with, etc. 

We have been enjoying the most overwhelming reputation about coming out with the most enhanced personal GPS tracker in Australia. Install it in your own car, business vehicle, etc. and keep the frets at bay. 

WX9 OBDII J1939 Plug & Play Tracker

WIXTrac WK7 is a vehicle Telematics device/GPS tracker with GPS and UMTS/HSPA/CDMA communication which is able to monitor vehicle location and remote control via UMTS/HSPA/CDMA network. With its intelligent event ...

WU7 CDMA/UMTS HSPA Vehicle Telematics

WU7 is the most advanced GPS vehicle tracking device that using CDMA/UMTS/HSPA mobile communication technology, with the flexibility of custom reporting mechanism for advance users. It also gives the option of saving ...

Personal Tracking System